Why Is A Coach Like An eBike?

Back in May, I bought an ebike. It’s a Gazelle Ultimate. It’s very lovely and makes cycling a complete joy! I haven’t cycled for years due to a chronic knee problem, but now I’m back, and better than ever.

No more grinding to a halt on hills. You know, that embarrassing moment when you just can’t push the pedals round any more, and you have to get off and push the bike to the top. And none of that desperate wobbling side-to-side (so dangerous in traffic) as you strain harder and harder to push those pedals.

The ebike is comfortable, quick and powerful. You tend to go much further than you would on a standard bike so more exploring happens. I did have to pay a lot for it, but satisfaction is very high. If only I’d had one years ago.

However, I am surprised that most people don’t know how an ebike works. They think it’s a motorised bike – that you can just sit on it and the motor takes you along.

I tell them that if you don’t turn the pedals, you don’t get assistance from the electric motor. So you still have to do work, you just get more for your effort than with a standard bike. You need to think about what gear you are in and what setting the motor should be on. You can go on Turbo mode for steep hills, but a light setting will keep up a good, assisted speed and keep charge in your battery for longer. We don’t all dream of Tour de France fitness, most of us just want to enjoy a bike ride.

Why is a coach like an ebike?

Sounds like a cheesy joke you’d find in a Christmas cracker.  But there really are some parallels.

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and a client. So the key likeness between a coach and an ebike is that the client still needs to do some work. It’s not a free ride. The coach won’t find your path for you. You still have to do the finding.

What the coach can do is give you more power in the exploration and speed the journey to your destination. You decide where you want to get to, the coach improves your chances of success in getting there. And you can go further than before, high up, with confidence.

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