What Happens In Coaching?

What happens in organisational or team coaching?

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All coaching involves one-to-one interaction, but this interaction can be set within the context of an agreed coaching programme for an organisation or a team.

All coaching is goal-oriented. Goals are what you want to have happen – in your life and/or in your organisation. When a coach or team of coaches agrees to do a programme of coaching for an organisation or team, there will be the individual’s goals in one-to-one coaching but also some wider goals for the programme.

For example, an organisation may be going through a period of change or challenge. As with individuals, this could be something sought, through recognising that things could be better, such as a culture change initiative or a new set of job roles. Or it may come from something that is not within the organisation or team’s control – new ownership, reorganisation, relocation for example.

In these situations, it has been shown that employing an independent external coach can help people get through the change, emerging stronger and more resourceful in their role. Consider these benefits:

  • An external coach has the time and skills to offer individuals in the organisation or team the safe space to explore and develop themselves.
  • Individuals will feel safer to focus on themselves and explore in the presence of someone who is not part of an organisational hierarchy.
  • Working as part of a programme will allow the coach to feedback (with strict regard for confidentiality) to the programme sponsor on contextual issues that the sponsor can raise and resolve. This improves the liklihood of an individual’s success.
  • The organisation can set objectives for the coaching and evaluate whether value has been generated, in partnership with the coach. The coach will have a set of ethics that guide what is and what is not a suitable objective for a coaching programme.

In the individual sessions, the procedure is as for individuals described here. Individuals set the goals they want to be coached on – what they want to have happen in their life – and everything else is about the helps and hindrances that they experience in trying to achieve that goal.

In addition, Whole of the Moon can offer coaching focussed on getting groups of people to work well together. This may involve work with individuals AND the group, in situ. Whole of the Moon bases their approach on getting people to understand helpful and unhelpful patterns of behaviour in their group that help or hinder progress towards their shared goals.

So first, shared goals are clarified and made explicit, then we look at what helps and hinders.

Before any sessions are booked all potential clients are ask to have a free 30 minute chat, to talk through what the client wants from coaching and whether both coach and client feel they can work together. The ‘coaching relationship’ is key because coach and client are partners in achieving success. Book your free session here.